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From "Jeff Jones" <>
Subject Modifying pipeline at request time?
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2004 15:35:57 GMT
I would like to be able to dynamically generate and/or modify a pipeline at
request time, so that I can create an aggregated response using one or more
sub-documents, to be chosen based on the request. I'd also like to be able to
choose, at the same time, appropriate Transformers depending on the data
requested, and probably choose a Serializer as well. In short, I'd like to be
able to build a pipeline from scratch at request time.

I'd really rather not do this by performing if/else logic with a Selector in the
sitemap, because I don't want to have to edit it every time I create a new type
of sub-document.

I'm open to writing an action, using Flowscript, or just about anything else
that will perform well. I looked at the API for pipeline-related classes, but I
didn't see an obvious place to start. I'm also happy to achieve the same result
some other way, as long as it lets me choose data sources, transforms, and
output format at request time. Can anyone suggest an approach I should look at?

(By the way: I'm using Cocoon 2.1.5/Tomcat 4.1/Apache 2 on Linux. Open source is
a Good Thing.)

Thanks for your help!


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