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From Helmut Ackermann <>
Subject trouble with request.setCharacterEncoding('UTF-8')
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2004 11:30:23 GMT
Dear CoCoon Developer,

I like to use Your nice java/xml-framework for my WebApplication

My system is: Microsoft Windows XP
Servlet Container: Tomcat 4.1.30
Cocoon Version: cocoon-2.1.4

I have a jsp-page that creates a html-form everything UTF-8 encoded.
Now I want to read the request parameter (send with method post) UTF-8
encoded, but
it seems that the paramters fetched within the jsp and some helper java
will always use the ISO-8859-1 encoding to transform the request data into
java strings.

Now I tried to set 
'container-encoding' (init-parm in cocoon's web.xml) to UTF-8
'form-encoding' (init-parm in cocoon's web.xml) to UTF-8

but it seems to have no effect.
(The tcpmon of the axis group shows that the posted parameter values from
the browser are indead UTF-8 encoded)

In addition before and after calling
the method 'request.getCharacterEncoding();'
always returns 'null' - strange isn't it
The java class behind the request seems to be

Please help me, is there any other parameter, which I have overlooked for
reading UTF-8 endoded form values. Why is it possible that the
CharacterEncoding is null after setting explicitly?

Yours sincerly
Dr. Helmut Ackermann
Intranet Technologien
L├╝tjenburger Weg 26
D 22846 Norderstedt

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