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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject Re: CForms and Database - 5 Degrees of Separation?
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2004 20:58:43 GMT
Il giorno 14/giu/04, alle 20:36, Derek Hohls ha scritto:

> Some good points.  Bear in mind, however that your
> revised 1,2,3 are probably only feasible if your DB amin
> and web developer are one and the same.  I am not sure
> my db admin would take kindly to me updating her data-
> bases with my tool!

In which case, have Hibernate generate the necessary DDL scripts for 
updating the schema and let your DBA review and apply them. You can do 

> As for using XDoclet; I 've seen references to this but,
> frankly, was hoping to avoid having to learn "yet another
> technology" to address what should be a simple problem.
> (Java, forms, Hibernate... the list goes on!)  -I will
> bear this in mind for future.

The point is: with XDoclet, you don't have to compile your mapping 
files by hand, so it's one less thing to learn (well, you have to learn 
the syntax of the tags instead of the mapping DTD, but it's actually 
simpler) and the XDoclet-tags-to-mapping-files trick is taken care of 
with a simple Ant task. Having the accessor methods and mapping info in 
the same place makes it easier to keep them in sync.


Ugo Cei -

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