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From "Menke, John" <>
Subject RE: Design of XSP version of JSP pager tag
Date Wed, 23 Jun 2004 13:57:25 GMT

I was planning on the <soap:call> logicsheet to get my data.  ALL XSP is
deprecated?  What is going to replace this?   The SQL Transformer looks like
it needs direct connect to DB.  I can't do this i need to use SOAP.


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From: Derek Hohls []
Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 2004 2:25 AM
Subject: Re: Design of XSP version of JSP pager tag


Sorry, no time to look at this in detail; but I am in the process
of moving away from XSP (which is heading for deprecation) 
and trying to make more use of the SQLtransformer and the 

eg, use the former to create the set of data and then [from the
user guide] use the latter, with:

"something like {reqCount} and {reqBlock} in the values for 
count and blocknr respectively. These can be parameters from 
the request and they can be passed to the sitemap with an action."

I am still wanting to experiment with this myself, but it seemed 
to parallel your problem?


>>> 2004/06/23 03:14:03 AM >>>
Has anyone created a XSP version of paging through a dataset?  I can't
the esql tag as my data will be coming from a SOAP request.  We have
server side paging (database only returns subset not whole resultset
uses offset/limit)  with our JSP pages so i'm thinking the switch to
will not be that bad.  Has anyone developed any logicsheets like this?

I'm thinking our SOAP method will need params for offset, and page-size
being called and will output variables in the XML result that
current-offset, page-size and total-result-size.

      <!-- 10 rows of data below -->

I would need to turn the above data into a table with the 10 current
rows of
data and a "pager" footer that has 20 pages (20 X 10 = total size =
Each page would be hyperlink back to SOAP method passing a new offset
page-size to be used in the db query.  This would reload the page with
current next set of results.

Anyone have any comments on this design?  Do you think it will be
Can it be improved?


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