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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject Re: Use Cocoon as a rapid development tool??
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2004 12:51:14 GMT
Il giorno 25/giu/04, alle 14:31, Derek Hohls ha scritto:

> to it...  do you not end up with lots and lots of
> different "Cocoon projects", and lots of Cocoon
> instances on the server, in the way you do it?

I usually strive for self-contained projects. Ideally, if a new 
developer joins our team, all he should have to do is:

- install a minimal development environment (JDK, Ant, CVS client, 
- have a sandbox account on our development RDBMS (courtesy of the 
resident DBA)
- do a cvs checkout
- do "ant" and "cocoon servlet" and have a running, testable application

And yes, this means having lots of different "Cocoon projects", but 
each developer is (hopefully) working on one at a time and besides, 
they all use the same infrastructure. In development, each developer 
has his own Jetty instance that is included in the CVS module and hosts 
only a single, default webapp.

In production, if we host many webapps in the same container, we make a 
different context for each one, and each one has its own copy of 
Cocoon's JARs. This guarantees isolation, no conflicts due to different 
releases of Cocoon used, the possibility of 
adding/removing/stopping/restarting each application without impacting 
the others. This also probably means more memory is needed, but so 
what? Memory is cheap and we can always add one more server to scale 


Ugo Cei -

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