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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Cocoon 2.1.5 incompatibilities with TEI Stylesheets
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2004 22:28:48 GMT
On 29.06.2004 17:18, Nick wrote:

> <>I am trying to transform a TEI document into HTML and PDF documents 
> using "native" XSL style sheets from 
> <>. 
> These style sheets are composed of one main (teihtml.xsl) that uses 
> <xsl:include> and <xsl:import> and a whole bunch of other XSL modules 
> that handle all possible TEI tags.<>
> <>Those style sheets work perfectly fine with a regular browser. At the 
> point when I try to use the main style sheet within a pipeline all sorts 
> of troubles occur. Originally, the XSLT transformer would generate empty 
> output (without producing any errors). After I changed all the 
> xsl:include and xsl:import statements in teihtml.xsl to use cocoon 
> protocol (with href parameter)

No need for this.

> the pipeline produced some kind of the 
> result, namely <>XML file that is produced by the generator. This output 
> contains no XML tags, some XSL tags that should not be there and without 
> any HTML tags.<>

Sounds like anything does not match but is handled by built-in templates 
that just output text.

> <>Can somebody help me with solving this problem or share the 
> information about how to integrate existing TEI style sheets to be used 
> with Cocoon 2.1.5?

For a specfic use case I had even the DocBook stylesheets running in 
Cocoon, so I guess it's not a problem of TEI and not of Cocoon in 
general. But you might have a look at the endorsed libs problem. 
Furthermore it would be interesting to know the xslt processor you use.


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