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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: CForm - Disabling buttons from flow scripts
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2004 09:45:27 GMT
On 30.06.2004 11:20, Derek Hohls wrote:

> But if its going be superceded by Widge N (and
> they do seem to be multiplying!) will that mean
> having to rewrite a chunk of code?

Union is the concept that is implemented and works. The disadvantage of 
it was its limited functionality as Tim mentioned at

Its successor was only a concept and I would wonder if it will be 
implemented if there is already a better concept. But you know how long 
it takes to come from a concept to an implementation in an open source 
project. I would not fear having to rewrite union code later on, there 
will again be a migration path.

>>>> 2004/06/30 11:13:55 AM >>>
>>The status of this page and what it describes is
>>unclear - it refers to 'Woody' and wd:, wt: prefixes...
>>Has this functionality been included in the production
>>version of Cocoon (2.1.5), or do we need to access
>>it some other way?

Somewhere is written that it is available since 2.1.4 - and so it has 
gone into CForms too as the branching happened afterwards. Unfortunately 
it is not documented in the official forms docu until, that's why I 
posted Tim's original proposal and the hint on the Form model GUI sample.

There is only one issue with the union widget: Its adding added the 
"early validation problem" to actions (you might remember), when Sylvain 
fixed that he broke the union in that way that the dependent widgets 
lost their values on switching the union widget. This issue was fixed 
yesterday. It did not prevent the widgets from working, but old values 
or default values (my came from binding) were lost.


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