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From Vilya Harvey <>
Subject Re: CForm - Disabling buttons from flow scripts
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2004 09:13:55 GMT
Derek Hohls wrote:
> Joerg
> The status of this page and what it describes is
> unclear - it refers to 'Woody' and wd:, wt: prefixes...
> Has this functionality been included in the production
> version of Cocoon (2.1.5), or do we need to access
> it some other way?

It's definitely in the 2.1.5 release - I've been using it from that release 
myself. You should use the usual fd: and ft: prefixes rather than wd: and 
wt:, but otherwise it's pretty much as described.

> It seems from the type of user requirements that are
> starting to come through for forms, that this needs
> to be part of the "core", not just an add-on or patch -
> I guess the developers need to make the judgement
> on this...

As far as I can tell from the docs I've found, being fairly new to Cocoon 
and CForms, it's not documented as part of the core because it's being 
superseded by the choice widget. And there's another proposal for a widget 
(the masks widget) to supersede that. It seems like this area is all a bit 
up in the air at the moment. I agree that it needs to be sorted out and 
documented in the cocoon user guide & the sooner the better!

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