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From Thomas Kjeldahl Nilsson>
Subject Some questions about continuations!
Date Mon, 28 Jun 2004 06:59:01 GMT

A few (possibly stupid) questions on continuations:

1: Do active continuations "time out"? In my project we have quite a few 
pages where we in the flow do a sendPageAndWait(), then present a page 
where the user is able to go elsewhere thus not letting the current 
continuation finish (by calling sendPage()).
What happens with this unactive continuation?

2: In my app, when the user does something wrong when submitting a form, 
I want to restart the function, and present the first page with an error 
msg in at the top of the page. How best to do this?

function doStuff(){

// Prepare page

// Process form submitted by user:

//IF (any errors) THEN restart doStuff(), show "first.xml" with errorMsg
// ELSE cocoon.sendPageAndWait("second.xml");


Thomas Kjeldahl Nilsson
Oslo, Norway

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