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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: get-sitemap-parameter in JSP ?
Date Sat, 26 Jun 2004 15:25:23 GMT
On 26.06.2004 15:00, Philippe Guillard wrote:

> Thanks a lot!
> In my case is use JSP in portal (cachingURI coplet), links like 
> <a href="page2?a=1">page2</a> is transformed in action=x&event=y,
> so the query-string is:
> a=1?copletid=app-test-1&cocoon-portal-action=1&cocoon-portal-event=21
> and if i rely on the servlet from JSP:
> - ParamUtil.getParameterInt(request, "cocoon-portal-action") is ok  
> - ParamUtil.getParameterInt(request, "a) gives a java exception
> BUT STRANGE ! in sitemap or in XSP using
> <xsp:expr>request.getParameter("a")</xsp:expr> i get the right
> request-param.
> So new question : is there a way to get the original request params from
> the servlet ?

You *have* the original request object in JSP and so you can access the 
original request params. And I wonder if one ("cocoon-portal-action") 
works why the other one ("a") shall not work! I guess it is not the 
missing quote in the above as otherwise the code would not even compile.


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