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From Ivo Limmen <>
Subject Re: Use Cocoon as a rapid development tool??
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2004 09:34:02 GMT wrote:

>Hi all,
>I stopped to work with Cocoon 6 months ago when I was involved in a project using EJB
and Websphere.
>But today I have the opportunity to recommend using Cocoon for a new development in my
>The goal of this small (but important) project is to create a small web application using
a database and a few web pages to search for the data in the database, visualize them and
update them.
>This project is rather simple but the important point for my boss is the COST. The project
should cost a little and it means that it shouldn't take lots of weeks to develop it.
>I think that the fastest way could be a RAD tool like ASP.NET or something like that.
>But personally I would prefer doing the job with Cocoon.
>So my question is:
>Is it possible to create a simple web application as described above with Cocoon in a
short time?
>And if yes, which way is the best?
>I thought to use the new CocoonForm. Is it realistic to solve my problem with this tool?
Is it stable today?
Yes it is realistic and Cocoon is very stable.
Problem is: when comparing ASP.NET with Cocoon in development, I am 
afraid ASP.NET will win. There is no specific IDE for Cocoon. It takes a 
lot of time for a developer to understand everything of Cocoon. I have 
been developing in Cocoon for little over 6 months and my guess is that 
I know 30% of Cocoon (also because I am only interested in certain parts 
not all...).

APS.NET is easy for developers. It's visual basic with a different file 
extension. ASP.NET is great don't get me wrong.
The level of abstraction between data and output can not be reached with 
ASP.NET in comparison to Cocoon.

The real question is: do you want to invest your money (time, books & 
knowledge)  in Cocoon to create websites to achieve that data <-> output 

Just my point-of-view...

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Ivo Limmen

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