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From jefu <>
Subject Re: INTSTALL.txt
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2004 23:26:44 GMT
Corey Keith wrote:

> I've had this problem before.  The tools/bin/ant sources 
> /etc/ant.conf, which on my system sets ANT_HOME to the locally 
> installed ant.  So I just commented it out and cocoon builds fine. 

I spent several (6+) hours the other day fighting exactly this problem 
with another Java program. I suspect (but am not certain) that the 
Fedora Ant seems to be built on gcj and to use the gcj classpath.  I 
could not find a way to persuade it to use the j2sdk classpath and 
finally ended up just installing a recent Apache Ant which worked fine.  
I'd recommend staying away from the Fedora Ant unless you know what it 
is doing.

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