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From Johannes Textor <>
Subject Re: [CForms] How to set multivalue widget's values ?
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2004 06:35:47 GMT
Hi Derek + all,

I got this solved in the meantime. Actually I had to create a temporary
array and then set the multivalue model to this array:

var model = form.getModel();

var rubriken = Array();

for( i = 0 ; i < size ; i ++ )
    rubriken[i] = new java.lang.Integer(val[i]);

model.rubriken = rubriken;

Notice the difference to the code quoted below: Modifying the model
directly did NOT work, as it is actually an object of type widget and 
gets messed up. This is because internally, a setter method is called when
assigning something to model.rubriken. Took me some hours to figure this
out, as I'm a CForms beginner :)

I think I will put a stripped-down version of my article management on the
wiki when I'm done - it's based on CForms + Woody + Hibernate and uses
a few more widgets than the present sample.

Derek, you can read values from the model like this:

var model = form.getModel();
var vals = model.rubriken // retrieve array from multivalue widgets

Now, vals is an array which contains all the values of the options 
selected by
the user.

Derek Hohls wrote:

>And maybe the same person knows how to
>*get* the values from the CForm multivalue widget
>and display them using a JXTemplate loop??
>A sample showing both of these would be *very*
>helpful and (IMO) needs to be  a part of the
>Cocoon forms samples.
>>>> 2004/06/20 09:25:06 PM >>>
>Hi all,
>I'm going nuts trying to set values in a CForm multivalue widget.
>I obtained the Form model with:
>var model = form.getModel();
>Then I tried to set the values like this:
>model.rubriken = Array(size);
>for( i = 0 ; i < size; i++)
>    model.rubriken[i] = new java.lang.Integer(val[i]);
>When size=0, everything is fine. Otherwise, I get
>Cannot set value of field "rubriken" with an object of type 
>When I omit the array declaration, I get null pointer exceptions.
>Has anybody done this and can explain me how ?
>TIA, Johannes
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