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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Cocoon and WAP problems
Date Sat, 19 Jun 2004 12:33:31 GMT
On 19.06.2004 11:12, Oro smith wrote:

> Dear Mr.joerg,
> As you had suggested, i saved the wml file to disk and tested it in the TTemulator.
> however, unexpectedly, the page was displayed without error !!
> The same page ie
> "mail/mail/mail.wml?cmd=cat-message-by-id&id=3"
> which gave "invalid wml code" previously works fine now ie. after being saved as test.wml.

Really bad as it is now more difficult to search for the difference 
between "working" and "not-working" wml page.

> 1. login page is displayed for mail/login.wml.
> ------> This page is static has an xml declaration as follows.
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

So it seems not to be the XML declaration.

>  2. After logging in the inbox is displayed.
>>>    url :mail/mail/mail.wml
> -------> This is dynamic and starts with:
> The above two pages are displayed without error.

This also means that omit-xml-declaration has worked, but did not help. 
You should then remove omit-xml-declaration from the serializer to avoid 
other problems.

> The problem is in the next page which is also dynamic and starts like this.
> It is this page which gives "invalid wml code" only when it is accessed through cocoon
> Otherwise it is ok.
> Can this have something to do with the query string?
> mail/mail/mail.wml?cmd=cat-message-by-id&id=3

I never have done something with WML, so I can not help with it.

> Also i omitted the xml declaration by adding the following line in the serializer for
> <omit-xml-declaration>yes</omit-xml-declaration>
> Cant figure out where the problem is. Should i use a wml validator maybe..

I fear it would not help as saving the page to disk and reading it from 
there does not make the page valid, but it works though.

Another problem could then be a missing or wrong content-type header. In 
which way do you read the file from disk with the emulator? Directly 
(something like File > Open > test.wml) or through Cocoon using a reader?


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