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From "Simon Hutchinson" <>
Subject Re: Validate an XML document in a flowscript
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2004 15:11:29 GMT
Vilya Harvey wrote:

 > What I'd like to be able to do is insert some code after the
 > line which validates the form, and loops back to the
 > form.load(...) line if validation fails. Any suggestions?

Sounds like a simple while loop might do the trick.

var isValid = false;

function enterForecasts(form)
       // parse the document to a DOM-tree
       var documentObj = loadDocument("sampledata.xml");

       // bind the document data to the form

       while(!isValid) {
      	 // show the form to the user until it is validated successfully
       	// bind the form's data back to the document;


       // save the DOM-tree back to an XML file, the makeTargetURI
       // function makes a modified filename so that the
       // original document is not overwritten
       saveDocument(documentObj, makeTargetURI(documentURI));


function validateForm(form) {
	//pseudo code
	//do validation stuff
	if(validates) {


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