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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: request for CLI-only build
Date Tue, 15 Jun 2004 10:25:40 GMT
Murphy, Thomas H. (Newport News) wrote:

>Partly because Cocoon comes with just about everything except the kitchen
>sink (scheduled for Cocoon 2.2?), I'm interested in exploring Cocoon as a
>standalone, command-line application, *separate* from any use of Cocoon as a
>I realize that Cocoon can currently be used from the command line (although
>I'm getting a bunch of ugly errors at the moment).  What I'd like to see is
>a build option to make a Cocoon dist *solely* for use from the command line.
>There are already 10-20 build options; it would be nice to add a "./
>cli" option to build a cli-only version of Cocoon, without references to
>webapp, WEB-INF, Jetty, etc.  However, such a version would still be able to
>create XSP, JSP, HTML, portal pages, etc.
To be honest, I'm not sure if this is quite as simple, or useful, as you 

Whilst there are some blocks that could be excluded (CForms, etc), there 
isn't that much else to be excluded. You could exclude CocoonServlet, 
but that is just one class. You could exclude Jetty, but that is just 
one small jar and a few config files.

Basically what the Cocoon build is about is producing a webapp, and the 
webapp that is created is just as usable by the CLI as by a servlet (or 
at least it should be).

Now, there are some issues with the CLI that could make it easier to 
use, and this is where efforts should be put, IMO. For example, there is 
something in Cocoon (Deli block, and possibly other stuff) that requires 
servlet.jar, but shouldn't. Therefore, it would make sense to put time 
into that, so that the CLI runs straight-up without modification, on a 
full build of Cocoon.

For the time being, either build your Cocoon with the minimum number of 
blocks you require, or put servlet.jar (or variant) into WEB-INF/lib, to 
sort that one.

>Would there be a way of registering this as an RFE?
Let's talk more about what you're trying to achieve, because at the 
moment, I'm not sure that it would give you much that you don't have 

Regards, Upayavira

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