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From "Simon Hutchinson" <>
Subject Cant handle errors from Portal framework
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2004 14:16:41 GMT

I have written a pipeline with the following error handler

	<map:select type="exception">					
		<map:when test="processing">
			<map:generate src="root.xml"/>
			<map:transform src="xsl/error.xsl">
				<map:parameter name="err" value="processing"/>
			<map:transform type="i18n"/>
			<map:generate src="root.xml"/>
			<map:transform src="xsl/error.xsl">
				<map:parameter name="err" 	value="other"/>			
			<map:transform type="i18n"/>

ie If an exception thrown and it is a processing exception then the 
output will read "processing" otherwise the output will read "other"

When I navigate to this pipeline (designed to throw an exception) then 
the handle-errors section is invoked and my error message is returned.

However I have a coplet whose URI is this same pipeline, when the coplet 
call the pipeline the error is thrown but the handle-errors section is 
never entered and my error message is never thrown,

Could anyone shed any light on why the error handler is not entered when
the pipeline is called by a coplet and if possible how to correctly 
handle exceptions within the portal framework

Kind regards

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