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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Caching ancillary file content
Date Fri, 04 Jun 2004 11:02:44 GMT
On 03.06.2004 14:55, Peter Flynn wrote:

> In my XSLT I extract values from some ancillary files using 
> the document('foo.xml') function. This works fine, but when 
> the foo.xml file is changed (eg by some external agency like a timed
> script), its old content continues to be served by 
> Cocoon. Eventually it starts to serve the new content (but 
> I haven't been able to time it so I don't know what the lag 
> is). 
> The archives have many comments on caching, but they appear
> to refer mostly to custom apps, JSP routines, etc, none of
> which seem apply to this situation, which is an XML document
> being transformed to HTML by an XSLT script. I've trawled 
> the docs for caching, but it only mentions the caching of
> the primary content (the src value of map:generate), not any
> additional files opened from within the XSLT.
> Ideally I'd like all caching of secondary content to be 
> turned off permanently, so that Cocoon would physically open every file
> that the XSLT expects to use, every  time the  primary content is
> served, and not cache anything from 
> previous hits. This is a low-volume app, so I am prepared 
> to suffer any I/O penalty in doing so.
> Is this possible? I'm running jakarta-tomcat-4.1.18 with
> cocoon 2.0.4 under j2sdk1.4.1_01 on RH9. I'll upgrade if
> necessary, but the machine will eventually be wiped and
> reinstalled with RHE, which will mean a new version of
> everything, so if this caching is a bug, I'm interested in 
> a short-term fix :-)

 From the bug date you will also see, that there will probably be no 
short-term fix.


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