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From Alessandro Evangelista <>
Subject Re: SVG embed/object tag generation
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2004 17:54:38 GMT
The SVG is generated via graphviz DOT [ ]. A description of a 
diagram is stored in a file with extension ".dot". The following allows 
the conversion from dot->svg.

<map:match pattern="**.dot.svg">
    <map:generate type="text2xml" src="content/xdocs/{1}.dot" />
    <map:transform type="dot2svg"/>
    <map:serialize type="svg"/>

I would like to reference the generated SVG within an xhtml document - 
possibly generated from other formats like docbook - or within a 
generated JavaDOC documentation where a taglet adds a tag to both 
describe and reference a diagram. The Javadoc case would be something 
similar to

/* <p>Standard comments with diagrams</p>
 * {@diagram diagram description in DOT syntax}
 * <p>More comments...</p>
 * /

The @diagram tag is handed over to the taglet which

- Produces a ".dot" file, named for example ""
- Produces some sort of link to the image within the generated HTML 
documentation, for example "<embed href=''/>"

Thanks for any idea.

Alessandro wrote:

>Can you show me some of the code to generate the SVG...  And where do you
>put the code for embedding the svg?
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Alessandro Evangelista []
>Sent: 01mm2004 12:21
>Subject: SVG embed/object tag generation
>Hi All,
>I created a transformer which dynamically generates SVG images.
>I am willing to reference those images from generated (x)html pages via 
>the embed/object tag. Since the final size and aspect ratio is initially 
>not known, I have the problem on how to set the width and height 
>attributes of the embed/object tags.
>Any idea on how to proceed? Do you know any solution on how to generate 
>the embed tag from an SVG image ant its properties?
>Would be possible to extract the width and height attributes from the 
>root SVG tag and start the generation from there?
>I would like to avoid rasterizing the images...
>Thanks for you help.
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