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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon direction
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2004 08:23:58 GMT
Hi Derek:

This is my own opinion of how are things:

1-Flow is the way to go. This is a very powerful technology that radically
change the webapp development as we know it. We can note interest in flow
engine in other communities as Struts.

2-Velocity, XSP and JSP are supported as "legacy" technologies. A lot of
people used it for long time and feel confortable to use it. We cannot
drop the support suddenly, but developers are more interested in the new
way to make things work. I think Cocoon will support them for a long time,
because it does not hurt at all. It allow to easily integrate old code to

3-JXTemplate is the next generation generator and is the way to go in some
cases. The idea is to use it as a complement for CForms.

4-SQL Tranformer is not a good choice. I think it was a good choice before
Flow. I think that we can talk about Cocoon before and after flow. ;-)

You can take more advantages using an O/R mapping tool. I particulary
found OJB very interesting. Contrary to what a lot of people tell on this
list, OJB has a diferent approach than Hibernate. We cannot tell both are
"totally equals". There is not only a syntax sugar diference, there is
more. But perhaps, this is OT in this list.

Another interesting point is the combination of lightweight containers
that use POJO with cocoon. I already saw a sample that Ugo Cei kindly
shared with the rest of us in wiki. (Thanks Ugo!).

I hope this help.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo.

Derek Hohls dijo:
> K
> I  hope a developer will give an answer to this (if they
> dont, post on the developers list), but from my perspective
> I can say that I started with XSP and am now moving to "lighter"
> components such the SQL Generator and JXTemplates, with
> flow to tie things togeter.
> I have not used (or had to use) velocity before, so I cannot
> comment on how and why *you* would need or want it.
> D (derek)
>>>> 2004/06/24 07:35:10 PM >>>
> I hear that Cocoon will be embracing flow as the predominant paradigm
> for
> app development. The flow docs tell me that XSP, Jx and velocity are
> supported page creation technologies supported? Does this mean jsps
> are
> being relegated? Is velocity based pages considered mainstream for
> developing cocoon?
> Thanks
> K
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