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From Terry Brick <>
Subject Why are ReadDOMSession and WriteDOMSession transformers?
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2004 21:05:44 GMT
I guess I'm just not grasping some concepts.  Could somebody explain to me why we have
ReadDOMSessionTransformer and WriteDOMSessionTransformer instead of ReadDOMSessionGenerator
I mean, shouldn't a tranformer take existing XML in the pipeline and transform it using XSL?
my DOM object is in the session, not the pipleline....
I ask this because I have a situation where I need to put a DOM that's in the session into
pipeline and THEN transform it... but Cocoon is complaining that I'm trying to transform something
without a generator first!  But the XML i need to 'generate' is only accessible by the
'transformer' (ReadDOMSessionTransformer)!

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