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From Christian Mayrhuber <>
Subject Re: cl:links in cachingURI coplet ?
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2004 17:49:07 GMT
On Wednesday 30 June 2004 13:17, roy huang wrote:
> Hi,Phil:
>   How to add copletID in cl:link?If you mean coplet="test-coplet" I already
> added it in the beginning.So the error is not appear but the data like
> "attributes/param" still not passed. I try this in samples of current cvs
> version,steps below:
>   1.edit portal.xml in profiles\copletdata ,change GalleryViewer from
> URICoplet to CachingURICoplet 2.add attributes:
>        <attribute>
>        <name>buffer</name>
>        <value xsi:type="java:java.lang.Boolean"
> xmlns:xsi="">true</value>
> </attribute>
>       <attribute>
>        <name>handleParameters</name>
>        <value xsi:type="java:java.lang.Boolean"
> xmlns:xsi="">true</value>
> </attribute>
>       <attribute>
>        <name>uri</name>
>        <value xsi:type="java:java.lang.String"
> xmlns:xsi="">cocoon:/coplets/html/
>application</value> </attribute>
>       <attribute>
>        <name>temporary:application-uri</name>
>        <value xsi:type="java:java.lang.String"
> xmlns:xsi="">cocoon://samples/bloc
>ks/portal/coplets/gallery/viewer</value> </attribute>
>   3.start jetty and then the Gallary Viewer did't work.
>   What can I do to make this work again? Or is it a bug?

I guess it does not work because you have added a second uri attribute which 
points to the wrong pipeline location.
There is already an uri attribute in copletdata/portal.xml

      	<value xsi:type="java:java.lang.String" 

The CachingURICoplet should not make a difference for this application.
(I have not tried this myself)

If you want to use urls that actually make sense you will have to use the 
bookmark feature of the portal engine.

lg, Chris

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