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From Terry Brick <>
Subject A Few flow/i18n/caching Questions
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2004 04:46:36 GMT
Here's an example of the basic workflow that I would like to achieve.

1) User submits a form with two fields (start-date and end-date)

2) The submitted dates are used for querying the database and generating an HTML page.

3) The page is displayed to the user with further options to display the same thing in different

4) The user click on the German flag (for example) and cocoon pulls the same data (XML) from
but transforms it using a different locale.


It's step 3.5 that I'm having difficulty with.  Notice that the user is not prompted again
dates and that the data source document isn't generated again.  From what I've read, it sounds
like Cocoon has some pretty extensive caching features, which I assume comes into play here.
let's say I was to figure the caching out (or someone here was kind enough to point me in
right direction), caching is done with an expiration.  So if the cached document were to expire,
Cocoon would need the users original input dates (from the step 1) in order to regenerate
document.... but since that was submitted in step 1, it's no longer available in step 3.5.
That is, unless I always continunally pass the form data as URL parameters in my links...
but even
then, would Cocoon know to use them?
Anyway,  I can't help but think this kind of functionality is part of the Cocoon framework
and I'm
just missing it.
Could somebody please help get me on track?


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