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From Simon Mieth <>
Subject Re: request for CLI-only build
Date Tue, 15 Jun 2004 15:15:42 GMT
On Tue, 15 Jun 2004 09:50:31 -0400
"Murphy, Thomas H. (Newport News)" <>

> Thanks Upayavira and Simon for writing.
> I don't want to take up too much of people's time on this
> because I imagine I'm in a very small minority in wanting
> a command-line-only build option.
> Just as Cocoon can work as the center for all kinds of
> different web apps and transformations, it could also, I
> think, work as a transformation hub for non-web apps. 
> Sure, one could use Xerces/Xalan separately, and FOP
> separately, and Lucene separately, and POI separately,
> etc.  But Cocoon tries to be a one-stop-shopping kind of
> product, and I think it could be refactored so that it
> could more easily be used for lots of non-web apps. Plus,
> web developers are not necessarily the same as non-web
> developers, so things like permissions and configurations
> are often different for the two groups.  (Plus, I get a
> lot of errors using the command line out of the box, but I
> won't bother you all to debug my setup.)
> In requesting a cli-only build, I guess I'm really asking
> for a future release to have more effort put into
> improving/streamlining the command-line functionality of
> Cocoon.
> Tom

Hi Tom,

do you mean a tool like "cocoon -xml my.xml -xsl my.xsl
-format [pdf|doc|rtf|html|gif|jpeg|txt|svg|xhtml|xml|...]" ?

Such a tool would more a script, which uses all the
libraries from cocoon.

Or do you want to use the pipeline-concept with a
In this case you can see the webapp-folder as
document-repository for your content. You can put all needed
jars somewhere and add they to your classpath. Only the
configuration-files and the content are then located at the

Unfortunately you have to put first the servlet.jar to the
WEB-INF/lib-folder  as Upayavira wrote. I would suggest to
work then with the "cli.xconf"-file, there are all needed
settings correct (Logkit) and you only have to change the
uri-elements on the end of the file.

With "./ cli -x cli.xconf" all should work. And for
all the components and libraries to work together, the
configuration of Cocoon is needed. Maybe you can put some
configuration-files somewhere and point the cli to this
locations, but I think a minimal-structure of the
webapp-folder is needed.

There are many other ways to use cocoon in a CLI- or
GUI-environment. Take a look at the anttask or the

Best Regards,


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