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From Simon Mieth <>
Subject Re: request for CLI-only build
Date Tue, 15 Jun 2004 08:08:36 GMT
On Mon, 14 Jun 2004 15:05:20 -0400
"Murphy, Thomas H. (Newport News)" <>

> Partly because Cocoon comes with just about everything
> except the kitchen sink (scheduled for Cocoon 2.2?), I'm
> interested in exploring Cocoon as a standalone,
> command-line application, *separate* from any use of
> Cocoon as a webapp.
> I realize that Cocoon can currently be used from the
> command line (although I'm getting a bunch of ugly errors
> at the moment).  What I'd like to see is a build option to
> make a Cocoon dist *solely* for use from the command line.
> There are already 10-20 build options; it would be nice to
> add a "./ cli" option to build a cli-only version
> of Cocoon, without references to webapp, WEB-INF, Jetty,
> etc.  However, such a version would still be able to
> create XSP, JSP, HTML, portal pages, etc.


I'm not sure if I understand you correct. 
The CLI is an Wrapper (with some offline-goodies) around the
same Cocoon, which works in an servlet-environment. 
So the CLI needs the same infrastructure (the
component-configuration, logkit-configuration ...). 
You can exclude blocks, which you dont need in the
CLI-environment like portal-fw. I think there is an option
for building a clean-webapp (whithout the samples and docs)

For working with the CLI or the CocoonBean you need a
working webapp. 
Jetty is not build, it is a binary version and only started
by "./ servlet". 

Best Regards,

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