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From Terry Brick <>
Subject "{../0}" "{../../locale}" - What is this stuff???
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2004 05:15:05 GMT
I'm sure I'm being overlooking the obvious, but I just spent about 2 hours searching for
documentation on this stuff and I just can figure it out.  It's frustrating because I know
when I
first started playing with Cocoon, I saw some doc on this (although I didn't understand it
at that
time either), but now I can't find it.
The following XML is extracted from the i18n example's sitemap.xmap.  Could somebody please
me what the paths are referring to?  What data they're working on, etc?

    <!-- This resource is used to create a composite page from menu and content -->
    <map:resource name="composite">
      <map:aggregate element="root">
        <map:part src="cocoon:/menu/{../0}"/>
        <map:part src="cocoon:/content/{../0}" label="content"/>
      <map:transform type="xalan" src="simple2page.xsl">
        <map:parameter name="page" value="{../0}"/>
        <map:parameter name="locale" value="{../../locale}"/>
      <map:transform src="context://samples/common/style/xsl/html/complex-page2html.xsl">
        <map:parameter name="contextPath" value="{request:contextPath}"/>
      <map:serialize type="html"/>

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