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From "J.W. Kaltz" <>
Subject Link: Project: IronMailer, webmail software based on Cocoon
Date Sat, 12 Jun 2004 16:20:52 GMT

I realize there is a webmail software within the Cocoon scratchpad area, but I
would like to bring to your attention a (presumably) more mature webmail
software based on Cocoon, called IronMailer.

A brief description follows, as stated on the homepage :

" IronMailer is a Webmail software, working on several platforms, in several
languages and ready for professional usage. It is free software in the GNU
sense, see GNU philosophy. It has been in productive usage since December 2002.

Technically speaking, this software will run on any system for which Java is
available, and where the system has access to an IMAP server for storing
mailboxes and configurations, and to an SMTP server for sending mails. The OS
doesn't matter, however GNU/Linux is recommended. On an implementation level,
a strict separation of logic and presentation is pursued. Logic is
implemented in Java, and presentation in XML/XSL, using the Cocoon framework. "

Please feel free to add this project to your Cocoon-based links
( if you find it useful.

Thanks for your attention,
J. Wolfgang Kaltz

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