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From qMax <>
Subject Q: authentication on different generation stages
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2004 09:48:21 GMT
Could please someone explain me or direct to some online docs about my

My documents generation scheme is as follows:
 xml -> content (simplified docbook or rss)
 content -> xhtml (non-styled, plain xhtml)
 xhtml -> html (styled and layouted page)

Pipelines may vary dependant on site section, etc.
Some sources may skip or alter docbook stage,

For each stage i have separate pipeline.
styling and layout is global,
other are in subsitemaps,
like this:
<!-- global -->
  <map:match pattern='**.html'>
      <map:part src='{1}.xhtml'/>

<!-- submap for each section the "**" may vary -->
  <map:match pattern='**.xhtml'>
    <map:generate src='{1}.content'/>

  <map:match pattern='**.content'>

Now if i want to protect some documents using actions.
But if I put <act type=auth-protect> on content stage,
data from "redirect-to" source will get transformations as if it was
original document (egg: docbook->xhtml->html), although it may require
different pipeline (egg: forms/xml->html).

How to deal with it ?

Could flowscript help ?


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