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From Chris Wilder-Smith <>
Subject HTML Generator
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2004 13:41:53 GMT
I've been using the HTML Generator at the top of a pipeline to
dynamically reprocess some HTML.  It turns out that an interaction
between JTidy and the DOM Streamer used in HTMLGenerator cause some
problems. JTidy treats the content of a <script> element as CDATA (it
doesn't further parse the content) and DOMStreamer then escapes
characters like '<', '&', etc.  The typical comments around javascript

<script ...>
     function foo() {

leave you with 

<script ...>
     function foo() {

This breaks the javascript and causes all sorts of havoc.  It looks like
the two options are either fix JTidy (which seems to have not been
touched for around 4 years) or write a transform to undo the effects of
the interaction.

Has anyone else run into this problem?  Any thoughts will be



Chris Wilder-Smith
Principal Technical Architect   
CAST: 781-245-2212              
AIM:  ChrisWSAtWork             ICQ: 95325318

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