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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Simple database app with Forms/Flow ?
Date Tue, 18 May 2004 06:55:39 GMT
I am looking to try and build-up my learning on forms and flow (and
templating!) by applying this to a simple interactive database app.

In the past, I used XSP and ESQL, along with a primitive "meta forms"
XML file to generate a generic form *and* populate it with data,
by  styling with XSLT. Database add/update/delete were then handled by

database actions in the sitemap (along with the corresponding table 
definition files).   This approach may seem  crude and simple but it
and bugs (if any) were usually in a single XSP file and easy to track

I am now wondering what combination of "new" options to adopt in order
to replicate this approach in the simplest possible manner - I know
there has been lots of discussion on persistence frameworks; DTO's,
DAO's and business objects - but all this seems very much like over-
kill just to tackle a few tables with a few users (in other words, a
normal in-house, customised database app).  I have seen flow samples
with binding to beans and XML files, but nothing in terms of building
forms dynamically and then hooking then to a normal relational database

to read/write data.

Any pointers/steps/examples in this direction would be welcome!


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