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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Vote: to unify, or not to unify - results
Date Wed, 05 May 2004 06:16:36 GMT
Um, at the risk of being labelled a "compromiser", I think
both posts here are saying essentially the same thing - 
keep it simple and direct for folks starting out, but provide 
the links/hooks [carefully labelled, of course!] for those
who want/need/can handle more detail.  The only minor
argument is how much detail to provide the first time aronund,
but this is the type of thing that can be refined over time.

The concept seems simple enough - but are we actually able
to do it??

>>> 2004/05/04 06:39:40 PM >>>

>Other than the CPA, we would show other options. For example, if a
>were reading up on JXTemplates, rather than saying that you can use
Jexl or
>JXPath, we would choose our CPA (for example, JXPath), but have a link
to a
>homologous page that explains the same things, but for Jexl. This
>reduce one more variable, and thus one more possible source of delay
>confusion to a newbie. So new users will be able to get up and running
>faster, and once they have more experience, will be able to go over
>alternative approaches.
    This is just an example of what I think we should avoid... The 
average user does not give a shiling about JXTemplates, JXPath, JEXL or

whatever load of letters we decide to acronymize today.

    The user wants to know how can he set up his ubercool website 
accessing XML documents and SQL data with the mimimum of fuss, and 
hence, the document he is looking for is a step by step guide to do

    In one of those steps, he's shown how to get a needed parameter  
from the context, using our recommended method (JXTemplateTransformer,

through a JXPath expression). There, on a side note, you can have an 
overview on what JXTemplateTranformer is, why is it our preferred
to access the parameter he needs and wich alternatives he could use,
pointers to the wikiPages of the related tecnologies for a deeper study

if he needs it.

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