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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Business Logic in Cocoon Applications?
Date Tue, 04 May 2004 06:40:11 GMT
Well, I did say "good practice", not "best practice"!
(I think the latter is a myth, anyway, and is so case-
specific as to be of little use).

If there are two (or three, or more?!) equally good
approaches, clearly laid out, with suggested areas
of application, and pros and cons highlighted, this is 
a major step up from and "uh, just do what seems 
right, you know" [with hands waving in the air].
People are competent enough to make their own 
choices once you give them sufficient starting 

>>> 2004/05/03 07:56:07 PM >>>
David Leangen wrote:

>Well said!
>I don't mind volunteering myself to draft a Wiki during my spare
>However, as I mentioned before, I think that we need some type of
>on these issues... even if that means agreeing to disagree.
>So, first reach consensus and I'll sum in all up in a Wiki with
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Derek Hohls [] 
>>Sent: May 3, 2004 21:31
>>Subject: Business Logic in Cocoon Applications?
>>There have been a number of threads on the mailing list (April 2004)
>>the issue of "where to locate the Business Logic"; with Cocoon Flow,
>>example, coming under criticism (and defence) for its potential to
>>(correctly or incorrectly?!) in this respect.
>>It would be very helpful to set up a "good practice guide" for
>>users that identifies (a) what types of logic one encounters [what do
>>actually mean by 'Business Logic', and there are any other types??]
>>(b) how and where to go about implementing these in the various
>>As always, clear examples would help new users.
>>I do not think it matters if the application is small or large,
>>or complex, the principles and approaches need to be consistent so
>>one can transition from between projects knowing that the "same
>>will be in the same places".
>>Any takers to draft a Wiki Page on this topic?

    Mine! Mine!

    The thing is.. who's so cocky as to say that he (she? any 
cocoon-girls arround?) is using the best approach?

    I think we should run a debate on which is the "best" way to do 
something and once we clarify which way is it, then we can do the wiki.
But we have to try to keep it in practical terms, or the dabate will 
take on forever. Sometimes the theoreticaly-best way is not the best
due to performance, ease of use, etc..

    We could have several different scenarios and the best way to 
implement each one.. and maybe as a final page, a guide with some 
interesting alternatives that branch from each case...

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