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From u15603 <>
Subject Re: [CForms] How can I use dynamic attributes in woody forms?
Date Mon, 24 May 2004 10:10:23 GMT
Leonid Chumanov wrote:
> Hi
> I want to use in my application (based on CForms (Woody))  dynamic
> attributes in forms. That is the information on what fields should
> contain in the form is formed dynamically. Use of a file with form
> definition therefore does not approach. 
> I all over again hoped that in WOODY API there will be the methods
> allowing me to create Widget, to set its properties and to add it to the
> form in the program Java  code. Then I could do without reading a file
> of definition of the form. However I have not found such methods. Really
> I should do such unproductive thing: dynamic formation of a file of
> definition of the form during work of the program, and then use of it?
> It would be too unproductive. Can I create the woody form using on input
> SAX events, instead of a file?
> I think, as a last solution I should use the repeater for creation of
> dynamic fields, but it will essentially limit functionalities. 
> Whether somebody can prompt me an optimum solution? Can anyone help
> please?
> Thanks
> Leonid

I also create a dynamic workflow in cocoon with the help of cforms. I 
use a generator, who is generating an xml-stream, including the current 
input-fields or form-fields,  with the help of castor (bean2xml). After 
that i transform the sax-stream to the model-definition. I do the same 
procedure to create the template! In the flow script I load dynamicly 
the cform-model and call the coresponding template!

It works fine!

Dirk Gronert

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