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From Christopher Painter-Wakefield <>
Subject Re: Better alternative to ESQL?
Date Mon, 03 May 2004 15:18:08 GMT

FWIW, that conversation did not include everyone using Cocoon and/or
reading the list.  It may be that the folks joining in the conversation
were those with similar approaches.

My attitude is the best tool for the job is the one that meets your needs.
Since many of the tools recently mentioned were not available 1-2 years
ago, we developed a lot of our own designs to tackle the same sorts of
problems in our environment.  We make heavy use of XSP, logicsheets, and
ESQL.  At this point our designs are pretty mature and, of course, are a
custom fit for our needs.

If you have established software that is working, you probably have a good
idea where the most "pain" is - where the code is difficult to modify and
extend, where you spend the most time, etc.  Or you may be adding new
features with very different requirements than before.  In these cases, it
is probably worth examining the new tools to see if they offer a solution
to your particular problems.  Otherwise, if it ain't broke....  In our
case, I am interested in some of the tools that help with forms and form
validation, which is an area we are very weak on, so I may examine these in
the future.  However, on site navigation, layouting, etc., I feel our
designs are working very well, so I probably won't look for something else.

Here's my vote for XSP:  it is general-purpose, powerful, flexible, and
extensible (with all of Java available to you).  It doesn't solve a
specific problem, but it can be used to solve almost any problem.


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There seems to be a very a strong "current of opinion" on the list at
present (April 2004) saying that XSP is not really a suitable component
of a "well archictectured" Cocoon application.  My major use of it has
been in the development of complex database reporting systems; using
ESQL for the bulk of the work and adding in Java code to do any
necessary non-SQL calculations.

If the use of XSP (and, therefore, I assume, ESQL) is not espoused any
longer, what is the "equivalent but better" methodology for tackling
this type of work, and where is/are the corresponding examples/docs on
the Cocoon sites?


PS Yes, I have looked at XReporter...

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