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From "lechael" <>
Subject template for nested repeater ??????????????????
Date Sat, 01 May 2004 22:44:07 GMT
I wrote a repeater nested in another repeater. But it seems not so straightforward to write
the template for them. 
Every time there is error -----Widget with id "secondlayer" does not exist in the container
"" , would anybody give me some idea why???
and also, in the sample, <wt:repeater-widget-label id="firstlayer" widget-id="XXX"/>
returns the label of widget xxx in the firstlayer repeater,
Then how to get the nested repeater's label?? ??
Thanks a lot!!!!!

my repeater is as following:

<wd:repeater id="firstlayer" initial-size="1">
        <wd:field id="xxx"> .....  </wd:field>
        <wd:field id="yyy">......  </wd:field>          
        <wd:repeater id="secondlayer" initial-size="1">............

my template is as following;
 <wt:repeater-widget id="firstlayer">
            <td><wt:widget id="xxx"/></td>
            <td><wt:widget id="yyy"/></td>
            <td><wt:repeater-widget id="secondlayer"></td>
                       <td><wt:widget id="widget-in-secondlayer-repeater"/></td>
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