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From "Hildebrandt, Ole" <>
Subject MVC-Design issues - use Struts for M and C?
Date Fri, 07 May 2004 14:42:26 GMT

I followed parts of the discussion about where to locate business logic, or
more generally speaking, how to apply MVC in Cocoon. I am quite new to
cocoon and i don't want to step on anyones toes, but i think that the C
capabilities in Cocoon are not satisfying. I do think that the V parts in
Cocoon are amazing, probably because cocoon used to be a publishing

In my personal usecase I am going to implement an informationportal platform
which is going to be used by several internet sites. So the need for an
XML/XSL approach is obvious and cocoon seems to be a good choice to do that.
But each of these sites might optionally  have a partially different
applicationflow and different business logic and data, but they must not!
So i was searching the documentation and also posting in the list to find a
useful solution for having a most flexible controller in cocoon.  Regarding
to the documentation and some postings in the list the best approach would
be to use Flowscript as controller. But this doesn't seem a good idea to me
since you cannot use the possibilities the java language offers
(inheritance, using OO-design patterns) so I am afraid there is going to be
a big mess. (Correct me if i am wrong with this). 

So I came up with the idea to use Struts' controller and Model capabilities,
since they are very good and flexible, and integrate Cocoon to be the View,
since cocoon is very good at that. So all the business logic and
application-flow-controll resides within Struts, and the resulting data is
passed via the Request-Object to a cocoon pipeline which performs the

So here is my question: Has anyone tried that before or Is there any chance
to implement a struts-equivalent controller in cocoon?

Kind Regards


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