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From Suzan Foster <>
Subject Re: Problem using processPipelineTo()
Date Fri, 28 May 2004 08:37:36 GMT
Joerg Heinicke wrote:

>>Sorry, a case of not enough coffee.. ;) However, the code is now failing 
>>on pipelineUtil.processToDOM() reporting: Streaming of an internal 
>>pipeline is not possible with a reader. Changing the pipeline to 
>>internal-only="false" doesn't solve the problem.
>That's exactly what I feared when I talking about wrong content-length: 
>a reader is involved. I had a similar problem last week: 
> A reader sets 
>the content-length header. In general readers are prevented from being 
>used in internal requests.
>This has nothing todo with "internal-only" directly. "internal-only" 
>determines whether a pipeline can be accessed from external or not.
>You have an internal request for example when using cocoon:/ or when 
>accessing a pipeline by using processPipeline (for both the old way and 
>the new way using PipelineUtil). The question is only if it is 
>recognized as internal request.
>If you want to use processPipelineToDOM I guess you have XML. So instead 
>of the reader you can use the file generator and a XML serializer.
Yes, this was exactly the problem. I changed my pipeline and it's 
working perfectly now. This also explains a couple of problems I was 
having with other pipelines which were reading a file from the fs, 
transforming and then writing them back with the  write-source 
transformer. Thanks :)

groetjes, su.

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