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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: cocoon 2 offline compile
Date Mon, 17 May 2004 21:18:35 GMT
On 17.05.2004 22:26, Nanda wrote:

> Hi!
> I have few questions on the functioning of cocoon 2.1.2 (or cocoon 2x 
> in general) and i thought i could seek some help from experts.
> Offline compiling and class loading in cocoon 2.
> ------------------------------------------------
> Previously, I was using couple of cocoon 1 instances sharing a 
> repository directory and noticed very often some of the pages (their 
> html content) were out of sync. on instances after a modified 
> logicsheet (that these pages used) was deployed. Spending several hours 
> analyzing code, I found that the issue was simply that cocoon 1 did not 
> support sharing a repository across multiple instances. 
> (regenerating .java, recompling, reloading classes, reloading 
> logsicsheets logic does not work with multiple instances case)
>  Also deploying logicsheets or xsp pages during peak traffic on cocoon 
> 1 was a major performance concern.
>  It appears that cocoon 2 addresses the above two issues using offline 
> compiling and offline class loading. Say, have one instance of cocoon 
> configured to regenerate the .java files and compile them into classes 
> and let other cocoon instances reload classes at scheduled times or 
> after server restart.
>  However I do not know at this time how to configure a separate cocoon 
> instance to compile all the possible xsp pages automatically when there 
> is a change to it or the logicsheets it uses. If anyone has already 
> configured this, can you post the details here.
>  I am assuming that cocoon determines the possible pages to compile 
> based on sitemap.xmap. Is this true or cocoon 2 has to web crawl a site 
> to determine the pages?
>  Can server instances be configured to reload the classes at certain 
> scheduled times? If not is there a url based api to force this?

Is the compiling on first demand to heavy/unsafe/etc. ? There is no 
xsp-based crawling AFAIK, only a site-based, but it makes not much sense 
to use it for getting all XSPs compiled I guess.


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