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From "keith d. zimmerman" <>
Subject Re: source writer transformer
Date Thu, 13 May 2004 17:46:02 GMT
Joerg Heinicke wrote:

>>> It does not sound undoable. You want to rewrite the original document 
>>> and replace the original image references with references to your 
>>> stored images? And using Cocoon as proxy only (for xhtml *and* 
>>> images) and letting the rest be done by caching does not help? The 
>>> latter sounds easier to implement.
>> Eh, it'd work fine if i knew where cocoon stores the images.  I want 
>> to archive them, then....
> So you need more than a simple caching of the images or what does 
> "archive" mean? You should not assume to have access to the cache, you 
> would need another approach then.
> But Cocoon is not for handling images/binary data, so it's for example 
> not possible to use the source writer transformer. Something that 
> *might* work is the usage of PipelineUtil.processToStream() in 
> flowscript, with a pipeline containing a reader reading the remote 
> image, and handling the storage on disc by the flowscript.

well, it's for comic strips.  I have an existing "solution" in perl, but 
it's slow/ugly/hard to modify, thought it would be fun to move.  The 
sites only give a month of history; i sometimes like to look back, ya know?

Anyway, I was afraid of this.  Probably the thing to do is to use cocoon 
to write the main stuff, but make an action in java to actually fetch 
the image.  Thanks, though for your help.


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