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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Prefill form with Woody and XML without binding?
Date Wed, 12 May 2004 17:53:22 GMT
On 12.05.2004 19:43, Christian Rosenberger wrote:

>>> My sitemap would like this:
>>> Generator => call flowscript => user doing updates => flowscript calls
>>> transformer
>> That can not work. And I already got the feeling that something is
>> strange from your first mail. Maybe you can more explicitely what you
>> try to do - not how.
>> From what I get: You have data in the Java backend,
>> you want to present this as form, let the user make changes and
>> postprocess the result of the user changes in what way ever. Is this
>> correct?
> Yes, this is correct.
> I get XML from my backend java class. This xml data I want to use to 
> present a form with prefilled values. The user make changes and the 
> changed data should be inserted in a XML file which is sent by another 
> java class back to the backend. (same format, but other values).
> To get data from backend I wrote a generator and to send it back to 
> backend I wrote a transformer.

To complicate IMO. Why not having a Data Transfer Object (a simple data 
bean)? You can bind to that bean, load and save! No need for a generator 
and a transformer.


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