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From Leon Widdershoven <>
Subject Re: Business Objects vs Data Objects [was Re: JXTemplates-what' s in a name?]
Date Sat, 08 May 2004 22:32:41 GMT
Compared to a full distributed application container it probably is "just".
In comparison with anything else it isn't.
And restarting your cocoon when adding a jar (cause you updated a 
feature, removed
a bug, or added an application) will also not make larger sites very happy.


Ralph Goers wrote:

>People who say Cocoon is "just" a web publishing framework are nuts.  We use
>very little flowscript and find it to be a very powerful presentation
>framework. I saw a comparison of various frameworks a while ago and Cocoon
>easily came out on top except that it had no built in support for Business
>Delegates. I spent some time and implemented that myself and Cocoon is
>working great so far.
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Antonio Gallardo [] 
>Sent: Friday, May 07, 2004 1:09 AM
>Subject: RE: Business Objects vs Data Objects [was Re: JXTemplates-what' s
>in a name?]
>BEAWARE: I am far to be a guru in this area.
>Currently, I found myself asking about the "viability" of using EJB for
>the overall task in some applications. Recently, Ralph's posts, triggered
>in my mind the idea of how will be the best approach to use J2EE (that
>include EJB) with Cocoon. I read some articles about that too. And there
>are diferent approach. Some articles tell you that Cocoon need to be used
>just as a publishing framework while using J2EE. But I think: This was
>before flow. But, now we have Flow and I don't like the idea of stripdown
>Cocoon wings when I know how much it can do and help.... Of course this is
>a very large discussion and a interesting one.
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