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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject Re: MVC-Design issues - use Struts for M and C?
Date Fri, 07 May 2004 16:30:43 GMT
Hildebrandt, Ole wrote:
> So i was searching the documentation and also posting in the list to find a
> useful solution for having a most flexible controller in cocoon.  Regarding
> to the documentation and some postings in the list the best approach would
> be to use Flowscript as controller. But this doesn't seem a good idea to me
> since you cannot use the possibilities the java language offers
> (inheritance, using OO-design patterns) so I am afraid there is going to be
> a big mess. (Correct me if i am wrong with this). 

I'd like to correct you. First of all, Javascript as implemented by 
Rhino offers many OO features. Second, you can instantiate any Java 
object from the flowscript, so there are really no limits to what you 
can do, and how many patterns you can apply.

> So here is my question: Has anyone tried that before or Is there any chance
> to implement a struts-equivalent controller in cocoon?

Can't comment on that, having never used Struts. From what I've heard, 
you'd get no benefit from this approach, unless you have a large code 
base based upon Struts that you want to reuse.


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