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From Anders Forsgren <>
Subject How to make a simple news/updates list
Date Thu, 06 May 2004 18:10:49 GMT
Im trying to add a simple list of text/xml chunks  to my cocoon site. 
(which could be used for example as a list of news/site 
updates/guestbook posts etc.).
Doing this with esql seems relatively easy, but it also seems overkill 
to run a database process just to keep a single list of xml chunks. 
Also, I'd like the site to be movable to another cocoon server without 
configuring any database servers and so on at the new location, that is: 
the data has to be stored inside the webapp directory.

So far I have considered these methods:

- raw xml data files. Edit file in text editor to add data, or use the 
SourceWritingTransformer if I need a web form.
- embedded sql database (can hsqldb be completely internal to the webapp 
like xindice-embed is?)
- embedded xindice. Haven't had any success with this, but it feels like 
the best solution. Has anyone seen any simple example apps (like for 
example a guestbook) using embedded xindice in cocoon?

Any recommendations or links are appreciated...


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