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From "keith d. zimmerman" <>
Subject Re: [RT] The Bootable Cocoon Demo CD
Date Tue, 04 May 2004 18:56:57 GMT
New user here, but i've seen knoppix.  comments inline...

Tony Collen wrote:
> Has anyone had any luck (or even tried) to create a bootable CD with a 
> working Cocoon/Jetty installed?
> I've played a little with Knoppix [1], and I was impressed with what 
> they can cram into a single CD.  There's even docs about remastering 
> Knoppix to suit your needs [2].
> Things to think about:
> o No writable disk.  This means there would be nowhere to put logs and 
> other stuff.  Does Knoppix have a ramdisk?
very much so.  the memory requirements are fairly large.
> o Speed.  Not sure if this would be a factor.
shouldn't be.  the initial load might be a bit more, but once loaded, 
i'm thinking all *should* be well.
> o Distributing other software.  I'm not sure what Sun has to say about 
> distributing their JRE. I think it would be fine.  Acrobat Reader would 
> be another "must" to show off the FOP.  SVG viewers are good as well.
this i don't know about
> It would be really cool to pop in a CD, and have the system boot to a 
> web browser with a running instance of Cocoon.  I'm not totally sure how 
> useful it would be, but it might be worth at least checking out.
quite cool indeed.

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