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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Xpath expression with a variable predicate in binding cforms
Date Sat, 01 May 2004 19:01:43 GMT
On 01.05.2004 20:45, Isidro Vila Verde wrote:

> Sorry if this is a FAQ, but I am in my first steps into cocoon and cforms
> and all (almost) is new to me.

No, it is not a FAQ, I read it the first time.

> I have this XML data 
> <root>
> <hab tipo="QD" quant="2"/>
> <hab tipo="QS" quant="3"/>
> <precos>
>   <elem hab="QD" val="30" unit="Euro"/>
>   <elem hab="QS" val="25" unit="Euro"/>
> </precos>
> </root>
> That I wanto to bind with something like this
> 	<fb:repeater id="hab" parent-path="." row-path="hab">
> 		<fb:identity>
> 			<fb:value id="id" path="@id"></fb:value>
> 		</fb:identity>
> 		<fb:on-bind>
> 			<fb:value id="tipo" path="@tipo"/>
> 			<fb:value id="n" path="@quant">
> 				<fd:convertor datatype="integer"/>
> 			</fb:value>
> 			<fb:value id="preco"
> path="../precos/elem[@hab=VARIABLE]/@val">
> 				<fd:convertor datatype="integer"/>
> 			</fb:value>
> 		</fb:on-bind>
> 	</fb:repeater>
> Where VARIABLE must be the value of @tipo from current node (hab).
> How can I do this. Are there any possibility to refer to value o 'tipo'?
> Something like we do with xsl:variable in XSL?

I know that the underlying framework JXPath supports variables and so it 
may be possible to add such functionality, but I don't see how you can 
do it at the moment. I guess you have to preprocess your XML structure 
with an XSLT.


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