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From "zze-e-photo FRAS E ext FTRD/DMI/REN" <>
Subject RE : JSP Generator question, once again
Date Thu, 06 May 2004 07:30:02 GMT
> On 03.05.2004 09:35, zze-e-photo FRAS E ext FTRD/DMI/REN wrote:
> > After more investigation, the use case is the following :
> > 
> > To improve performance in Tomcat, it is possible to disable the 
> > checking system for JSP file modification. I would like to 
> do exactly 
> > the same with the JSPGenerator (and also the
> > JSPReader) in Cocoon.
> > So, I don't know if I really need to cache the result of 
> the generator 
> > or if there is better way to just avoid Cocoon checking if  the JSP 
> > file has been changed.
> Cocoon's caching caches the *result* of the generator, so 
> Jasper is not 
> asked at all for new content if the cache is still valid. What I 
> suggested (using NOPValidity) is so probably the wrong way, as the 
> result of the first access would be always valid and used.
> Something like a "check for file modification" is not 
> applicable for the 
> JSPGenerator as it only resolves the path to the JSP file and 
> gives this 
> path to Jasper. I guess then Tomcat's "check for file modification" 
> comes into play - or not if deactivated. So it should just 
> work as it is.

It seems that Tomcat configuration about "check for file modification"
is ignored by Jasper but I guess this is normal.
The JSP Generator uses the JSPEngineImpl to compile the jsp and this
engine calls the Jasper servlet in its own context (servlet.init() and
What I tried to do is to have my own JSPEngineImpl calling the Jasper
Servlet and make the servlet initialisation with my own
JSPEngineServletConfig to add parameters recognized by the servlet
(development = false and reloading=false).
Unfortunately, that did not work and I don't understand why.


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