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From Peter Lerche <>
Subject cocoon sitemap/xconf class loading
Date Tue, 18 May 2004 11:26:30 GMT
I have a problem finding a class defined in my sitemap.xmap file.
The jar i placed outside cocoon /lib /classes directories.

Cocoon finds the classes from the jar on servlet start :
Forced loading a class:

When I the want to use it from my sitemap I get a ClassNotFoundException.

How can I load a class placed in a jar/class structure outside of cocoon. 
Tried several things like entering the full classpath in web.xml:
but nothing seams to effect the sitemap classloader. even tried to substitute 
the class loader to use jboss own classloader but nothing changed. 

Any idea/suggestions are wellcome

Original Exception: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: 
        at Method)
        at org.mortbay.http.ContextLoader.loadClass(
        at org.mortbay.http.ContextLoader.loadClass(

Med venlig hilsen / Yours sincerely 
Peter Lerche 
European Dedicated Server Hosting 
Extremely low prices, secure, and reliable
Linux and BSD distributions only 

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