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From leon tian <>
Subject Re: the _problem.
Date Mon, 17 May 2004 23:05:38 GMT
Hi, I wanna configurate jtidy. How can I set's url using resource: in sitemap?

Joerg Heinicke <> wrote:On 18.05.2004 00:25, Upayavira wrote:

>>> I use html generator without configuration and xhtml serializer
>>> encoding to UTF-8. Could you tell me where the problem may be?
>> The remote web page has a specific encoding. I guess the HTML 
>> generator is ignoring it and parses the remote webpage probably using 
>> UTF-8. I don't know about the details or how to solve it. Maybe you 
>> can get jtidy to output XML in a specific encoding that the parser 
>> parsing the jtidy output expects.
> I've recently tried to change the encoding on JTidy. It doesn't seem to 
> work. I followed it right in in a debugger - the configured locale was 
> set right inside JTidy, but it still outputted ISO-8859-1. No UTF-8.
> I'm thinking of extending the HTML generator to use something like 
> NekoHTML (I'm using it right now for a work project, and I reckon it'd 
> be pretty easy to do (like 10 lines of code). So the generator would be 
> configurable as to which tool it uses.

And configuring the parser instead of jtidy is not possible?


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