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From "Sam" <>
Subject Re: Does Cocoon2.1.2 comes with Lucene Integration???
Date Sun, 09 May 2004 22:32:05 GMT
Hi List:<BR>
Does anybody has an answer for my question, or was that a stupid one ???&nbsp; Shown below
is what I want to know?<BR>
On Sun, 09 May 2004 sameer&nbsp; nanda wrote :<BR>
&gt;Hello All,<BR>
&gt;I have a doubt, all I wanted to know is, do all the laterst versions of cocoon come
with the default Lucene Intergration. I am using cocoon2.1.2 source distribution, and I didnt
find anything anywhere ???<BR>
&gt;Does anybody knows where is it located wrt to the &quot;cocoon context&quot;
directory. Also I was reading the &quot;Cocoon Developers Handbook&quot; by Lajos
and Jeremy, looking at chapter # 19, Searching with Cocoon.<BR>
&gt;In this chapter they are talking about how Lucene actually works with cocoon, and
refer to the example which would be found at<BR>
&gt;but, they are talking about Cocoon V2.0.3.<BR>
&gt;So thats the question, is the default intergration still available with the latest
versions of cocoon, or do we have to download Lucene from Apache and intergrate externally.<BR>
&gt;I am not getting much out of it, might be someone knows that ???<BR>
&gt;With Regards<BR>

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