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From Leszek Gawron <>
Subject Hibernate 2.1.3 + cocoon + c3p0 jar hell [repost from dev]
Date Sun, 09 May 2004 08:57:27 GMT
This is a repost from cocoon-dev list. Maybe someone of cocoon users might
help me?

I think there is a serious problem with latest version  of
hibernate (2.1.3) and cocoon integration. There is some kind of jar problem
that did not occur with 2.1.2. I have attached a exception log. The problem
occurs only with hibernate running in cocoon when you want to use c3p0
connection pooling. When you hit the server the exception gets thrown that you
cannot obtain the connection because it has already been closed.

My tests showed that:
1. The problem does not occur with hibernate built-in pooling (but this one is 
unuseable in production environment - at least hibernate web page states that)

2. The problem is not a problem of hibernate itself. I have been able to run
hibernate with c3p0 outside of cocoon and jetty (although all jetty and cocoon
libs were also on the classpath - really strange - maybe jar order on
classpath matters).

3. The problem is not a problem of c3p0 itself. Hibernate 2.1.3 contains a new
version of c3p0 ( but if you downgrade only hibernate2.jar to 2.1.2
version the problem disapperas.

4. The problem is not database dependent. I have tries both MS SQL Server and
HSQLDB - both do not work with cocoon+hibernate+c3p0.

I use following libraries that are copies to cocoon lib directory:

The rest needed libraries are already in cocoonlib dir (although versions
differ). Hibernate is using commons collections 2.1 while cocoon uses 3.0 but
this caused no problems with hib2.1.2

My regards

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